Shawano Folk Festival

Oh my goodness! Yahví and I had the best time this past weekend at the Shawano Folk Festival in Wisconsin. It’s the most loving festival I have ever been to. The official co-directors, Rhonda Bellamy, Becky Van Buren and Cassey Bess were so welcoming to us and helped created a beautiful environment. The festival is run entirely by volunteers and they were incredible! There was a bountiful spread of food in the green room from morning until night. Artists could come in, fill up, relax and then go make more music. Each person that attends the festival has a constant smile on their face and song in their heart! Everyone was there to sing!



Our dear friend Mark Dvorak, who was honorary co-director this year,  recommended us for the festival this year and we are so grateful that he did! Not only was it incredible to spend so much time with Mark, but we met so many other wonderful musicians including Carolyn Carter, The Cajun Strangers, Red Tail Ring, The Crossing, and Tom Pease. We chatted, we collaborated, we shared, we laughed…we made so much music…

We were hosted by a lovely caring couple, Sandy and Norman Cook. They had a beautiful house near the water kept us comfortable, well fed and full of hugs.

We are so fortunate.


The McCardos

P.S. If you’re in the midwest area, I would highly consider joining in the camaraderie next summer. You can read more about this year’s festival   here:



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