A Place for Friends to Gather

We had a wonderful time playing at the Apache Drum Community last night in La Madera, New Mexico! The community space was started a few years ago by Connie and Jimmy Ortega. The space is open and inviting. Connie, Jimmy and Connie’s sisters cooked up a fabulous meal.


Connie and Jimmy wanted to have a place in their community where people could gather. On most Friday nights, they serve up a delicious dinner for any one who wants to come. They put out a donation jar which covers the cost of the dinner. People come with family and friends and also make new friends with the folks they sit next too at the community tables. We met folks from La Madera as well as the surrounding towns and communities.


Anyone in the community can reserve the space for potlucks, graduations, parties, meetings, etc…. for free!

Jimmy also has a workshop where he makes handmade drums.

We were received with open arms and good conversation and left with happy bellies and hearts! We’ll definitely be back!


The McCardos

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