Friends, it’s almost Spring!

I LOVE the month of March because it brings Spring to us. For me, it means new growth, new breath and birthdays!

Yesterday was Yahví’s birthday, today is Toro’s golden birthday, and I will celebrate another year around the sun on March 22.

I’m flying out to Chicago on Monday.  In addition to spending some time playing at the Carole Robertson Center for Learning, I’ll be teaching and learning at the Old Town School of Folk Music as well as hanging out at the Grafton. I’m planning on playing lots of tunes and exchanging lots of hugs!

Yahví will be staying home and teaching at Carambola as well as with the Tocando program (a division of the El Paso Symphony). Each week a few more folks join our musical community and we are grateful.

We’ve been playing lots of Irish tunes with our friends in Las Cruces. We’ll be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by playing together at Carambola and at the High Desert Brewing Co. in Las Cruces. It’s fun to learn new tunes and deepen our friendships.

Here’s to a Spring and all the breath that comes with it!


The McCardos



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