Well May The World Go/Cuando Yo Me Vaya

Yahví and I have had a wonderful Fall teaching jarana at our Mini Dribblers El Paso music station. Thursdays and Fridays we’ve been going to two different schools (respectively) to share in music. This season we’ve been singing and playing “Well May the World Go/Cuando Yo Me Vaya.” It’s such a joy to work with these students.

All of the jaranas we play in Mini Dribblers were made by our friend Alejandro De Jesús Fernández Ataxca in his hometown of Santiago Tuxtla, Veracruz.



Well May the World go was written Pete Seeger, which he adapted from the melody and sentiment of a Scottish tune called “Well May the Keel Row.” It was translated into Spanish by Pete Seeger’s grandson Tao Rodríguez-Seeger and musicians Roy Brown y Walter Morciglio.

Our dear friend and mentor DrDosido (Paul Tyler) wrote a beautiful blog about Mr. Seeger and the song here. It’s worth a read.


Well may the world go…..


The McCardos






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