¡Gracias El Paso!


Yahví and I had a wonderful time in El Paso this week.  About a week ago, we flew from Mexico City to Ciudad Juarez and shared a lovely cab ride to the border with another couple who live in Ciudad Juarez.  We walked across the bridge to meet our friend Steve Yellen on the El Paso side of the border. From that moment on, we entered into a  week filled with kindness and generosity.  There were so many moments of serendipity and excitement –  things that were meant to be.

Yahví and I are in the process moving to the region of Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico.  This part of the country is an interesting place where different cultures and ways of life meet.  Borders fascinate me. Land and water don’t stop at borders. They keep extending and flowing and reaching and growing.  At one time, El Paso and Las Cruces were part of México, now they are part of the United States. Many people cross from El Paso to Juarez on a daily basis.  Languages and ways of life are shared everyday, in spite of the border’s attempt to separate.

I’m really looking forward to grow in a place where I will continue to learn to be more open and become part of the flow of generosity and openness that we have received this week.

Yahví and I depart to Chicago ORD in about 30 minutes and we’ll be looking forward to seeing our family and friends and giving lots of hugs and sharing our adventures.

Con cariño,

The McCardos

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