Boda #6 – California Continued :)

I ran out of room in the last post!

We had quite a whirlwind of a day on Wednesday! We went visited our friends Cesar and Xochil and family in El Sereno. Cesar and Yahví have known each other since they were young and we always enjoy visiting his family when we’re in L.A.

Cesar made us a wonderful breakfast of picaditas and then Yahví and Cesar went down to Cesar’s shop.

My roomate from college Yaneth left work for a bit to come over and give us hugs! I was so glad to see her! We drove to Lake Elsinore to pick up Uncle Mike and Aunt Pam and drove down to Carlsbad to see Mrs. Westermeyer.

Mrs. Westermeyer is the reason I still play music. Mom always says she got me to go from playing liking a little mouse in a little house to a lion. Stella Westermeyer is 90 years old and she’s doing great! He had such a nice visit with her, playing for her, talking to her, remembering our lives together in Riverside. Uncle Mike sat down and played Stella’s piano – beautiful! He looked so happy.

We had dinner at Mimi’s Cafe and then went and jumped in the Pacific Ocean!

It turns out Aunt Pam and her best friend Bonnie went to the same Rubidoux High School when Stella was teaching there. Stella knew Bonnie’s brothers and mother. Bonnie and her husband Steve came up and joined us at Mimi’s, it was so good to see them! They are so good to our family!

Well, I think that’s all for now!


Maria y Yahví

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