La Familia Sanchez

What a joy it was to see family in Phoenix!

One of the beauties of all of these parties is that it’s a great reason for a reunion. We saw lots of family members that I hadn’t seen in awhile and many of them hadn’t seen each other either.

The evening was filled with hugs and love and laughter!

Nora Ellen and Rick hosted, thank you!!!

We had some great menudo made by Bertha and enchiladas made by Wanda! Everyone brought something to share…..

We’ve been sharing a little bit of music everywhere we go and we also got to share how we met with the whole family and why we were taking the tour. We told everyone we’d be back in a few years for the baby tour 🙂

Of course everyone missed Pat and James who moves to Chicago to be with my mom a month ago!

And it was see wonderful to see Ed and Beth Dawkins, Philip’s parents, who live in Phoenix. We love you Dawkins family!

We are so fortunate that we got to stay multiple nights with my Aunt Josie… Aunt Josie is my Grandma Nellie’s sister. She is the last one living from a generation of loving brothers and sisters….. Nellie, Viviano, Armando, Josie, Jimmy, Sally, Betty and Norah. I think my grandma was the oldest. I never knew my Aunt Norah. Aunt Josie said there was another daughter as well… I’ve heard there were more in that generation, I have to ask some more questions. I have so many fond memories of Aunt Josie’s brother and sisters and I’m so glad to have Aunt Josie in my life. She’s a strong, peppy, wise woman and treated us with love and care every moment.

There were so many people, we had fun trying to squeeze into a family photo 🙂

Love you family!

Maria y Yahví




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