Our Wedding- today is our 1 week Anniversary!!!

Our wedding was such a special day. We didn´t really plan on having one. We were just going to go down to City Hall with some of our immediate family members, wait in line, possibly with our instuments, and then go out to dinner.

Things totally changed…… we´re a spontaneous duo

We had the best team of friends and family that made a beautiful ceremony for us in just a week!

As many of you know, my big brother Jon passed away on Thursday, July 5 in the early hours of the morning. It was shock… my mom, Yahvi and I were together were together and I am grateful for that.

My brother died from Dilated Cardiomyopathy, Obesity and Heat Stress. It was really hot on the 4th of July and my brother had been out walking all day.

Many friends came over to help us that day and Yahvi´s stepmother Marta and his siblings gave us a beautiful ceremony to help him on his journey. My mama has handled everything with such Grace. She is well named. Her faith and love and peace in God and humanity is a gift.

The remembrance for my brother was on Monday, July 23. Mom wanted to have the service close to our wedding so that family members could attend both. I´m glad we did that. Both rituals felt deeper because of sorrow and joy being mixed all together. I believe my brother´s spirit was even stronger at the ceremony because his remembrance was the same week.

I am so grateful for life.

Thank you to Jim Green for flying in and bringing all of the McCullough love and hugs.

We were married in the community garden at Water´s elementary by our good friend Miki. We got ready at Miki and Julie´s house before the ceremony. My mom and Uncle Mike walked me in. Our friends Alec and Kali and Yahvi´s brother Zacbe played Pajaro Cu for us, what a special gift. Our friends and family stood barefoot and held hands in a circle around us giving us a warm circle of comfort. We washed each other´s feet. Miki wrote beautiful vows for us and we were married! Yahvi says that his favorite part was when we were hugging and he closed his eyes and heard everyone clapping. That felt so good.

Yahvi and I walked home alone together through our neighborhood, past our old Ainslie apartment to our new home on Foster. People in the street were congratulating us!

My mom and cousin Pat and Marlene made the yummiest food at our house. Yahvi´s sister Gaby made us a beautiful wedding cake. Yahvi´s sister Adriana and husban Cullum brought us a tier of their wedding cake to share. They were married in Oak Park just a few days before us.

My friend Meghan spent all day decorating and preparing our home for our wedding celebration. I´ve known Meghan since middle school and she and her family knew my brother Jon well. I am so glad she was here for both ceremonies.

My wonderful friend Jana from grade school flew in from Washington for less than 24 hours to be with us and support us.

Thank you to Peggy Browning for taking on the task of planning my brothers remembrance. What a cocoon of support you are for us.

I mean, really what a team. Our family cannot believe good friends we have. We are so lucky. Everyone helped us through Jon´s ceremony an through our ceremony, which such love and joy and steadfastness… I will cherish the memories of these last few weeks for always, the sad and the happy, the tears and the pain, the laughter and the joy.

And Tara! She is the best friend a girl could have. She was there to help us with details for Jon, drove of us around fed us. Found and bought me a wedding dress. Found flowers. Loved us, listened to us, hugged us, brought us joy. Worked tirelessly to support us. Tara, we love you with all of our spirits!

We also moved into beautiful new home on Jully 15. Over 20 people helped us pack up, pack out, and settle in! Amazing!

And, our friend Jodee Lewis started a meal train for us. Thank you to everyone who brought food and hugs and love.

You know, Yahvi and I had the idea to have this Wedding Tour so that we could really spend some time with our families. I am so glad to bring so much love and comfort from Chicago and to share in love joy with our families on this trip and then bring some more back to Chicago.

All you need is love.


Maria y Yahvi

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